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Vascular insufficiency among diabetic patients leads to severe complications such as non healing ulcers and amputations. Our comprehensive range of PC based Vascular Doppler Recorder offers critical solution to the problem.


  • Doppler 8 MHz transducer
  • Photoplethysmography (PPG) for Toe Pressure measurement
  • Segmental BP cuffs with Toe cuff
  • Velocity and pulse volume waveforms
  • LCD monitor and chart recorder
  • Ankle / Brachial index (ABI) study
  • Screens peripheral arteries, venous and cerebro vascular disorders
  • Study of stiffness of artery
  • Prognosis of healing of ulcers using PPG
  • Gets connected to computer through RS232 serial port and USB port
  • PC software for printout on A4 size plain paper


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