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8 Channel Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor (tcpO2) - Item Code: Precise-8008


The transcutaneous oxygen measurement unit Précise 8008 is intended for the measurement partial pressure of oxygen, also known as tcpO2, on the surface of the skin. The probe parameters, the measurement process, as well as the tcpO2 measurement results of three measurements can be saved onto the internal memory. Upto 8 tcpO2 measurement channels can be configured. Modular technique.

The Precise 8008 TCOM monitor allows for quick and precise measurement of tcpO2. Due to the 2.5 m long sensor cable – equipped with integrated sensor – an enormous working radius is available. The large LCD display ensures all relevant data are easily read. The Precise 8008 is capable of measuring tcpO2 values simultaneously at 8 different locations. Priced very attractively for the Indian market. Distributed and serviced exclusively in India. Imported from M/s. Medicap Homecare, Germany. This product is not sold outside India by us and if you wish pl do contact our Principal Company at


  • Simple and quick measurement preparation
  • No covering of the sensor with membrane(Hence no consumables)
  • No separate calibration of sensor during every use
  • No fiddly handling of electrolyte fluid
  • No pre-heating necessary
  • Measurement independent from pH value and salt content of the skin
  • Less maintenance required compared with classic sensors from pH value and salt content of the skin
  • No cleaning of anodes/cathodes necessary
  • Computer connectivity helps to transfer the data for storage and report
  • Patient’s report are generated as waveform and tabular by the software

Area of Applications:

  • wound healing process (diagnosis & prediction)
  • chronic venous insufficiency and ischemia
  • confirmation of diagnosis and blood gas monitoring
  • measurement for individual amputation level
  • fitting of prostheses
  • diabetes & peripheral artery disease PAD
  • diagnostics in vascular ischemia
  • plastic surgery diagnostics
  • therapy evaluation

How it is different with the models exist in India?

  • get your tcpO2 results within 8 minutes at the latest
  • probe does not have to be re-membraned after use
  • innovative & unique optical measurement method based on fluorescence
  • maintenance-free & calibration-free automatic adjustment
  • economic solution – clear and reduced demand of consumables
  • lower investment costs in comparison to conventional devices
  • mobile & flexible and tcpO2 measurements upto eight (8) probes

Product Catalog:

Product Catalog: 8 Channel Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor (tcpO2) - Item Code: Precise-8008


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