Harris Mat Foot Imprinter - FM1111

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Foot Imprinter Harris Mat - FM1111


Early identification of feet 'at risk' for ulceration is important in preventing plantar lesions in diabetic patients with insensitive feet. Plantar pressures are higher in diabetic neuropathic patients than non-diabetic and non-neuropathic Counterparts. As high plantar pressure is a proven risk factor for foot ulceration, effective screening for high plantar pressures in diabetic patients could have a major influence on the incidence of diabetic foot ulceration.

In order to identify high-risk patients in a clinical setting, a simple system for screening is needed which is easy to use, reliable and gives results which are easy to interpret and can be immediately available to both the patient and staff. Our Foot Imprinter Harris Mat FM1111 has been developed as a simple, inexpensive and practical foot pressure measurement device intended for routing clinical use. It is a semi-quantitative footprint mat which quantifies plantar pressure by visual comparison between the greyness of the footprint.


  • Measures and display patient weight disbursement in grey scale
  • Detects the area of the greatest concern for ulceration
  • Useful to identify Charcot arthropathy
  • Arch of the patient can be detected
  • More the darker colour represent the high pressure
  • Excellent tool for motivating the patient to upgrade to a good footwear

Full Kit include FM1111 Harris Mat, Rubber roller, Ink pad, Ink and Recording Paper(50 sheets)

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Product Catalog: Foot Imprinter Harris Mat - FM1111


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