Vibratip - Portable Vibration Sense

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Portable Vibration Sense Vibratip

Portable Vibration Sense Vibratip

VibraTip: a wipe-clean, pocket-sized device for testing vibration sense. It helps in quantifying the loss of vibration perception threshold (VPT). It has a spherical head which facilitates application from any angle. The size is extremely handy and hence it can be carried anywhere and can be used anytime. It is used on the patient’s intact skin until any vibration perception is obtained.


  • wipe-clean, pocket-sized
  • Vibrates around 125Hz
  • Vibration strength equivalent to 25Volts of a Biothesiometer
  • Validated tool from UK
  • Simple tool to grade diabetic neuropathy
  • Can also be termed as an electronic tuning fork


  • Built-in dry cell
  • Frequency: 128 Hz


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