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Electronic Pain Killer - TENS


Electronic Pain Killer TENS is pain management equipment that works to relax the stressed muscles. The therapy uses gentle electrical impulses for pain control instead of traditional drugs. T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is therapy approved by FDA that stimulates blocked nerves and pain signals before the signals can be received by the brain. It is commonly used to relieve back pain and other causes of pain that includes arthritis and painful neuropathies as well.We offer a simple patient model TENS – I, which is very handy and battery operated. We also offer a hospital model TENS – III with Timer, multi-channel output and many advance techniques.


  • Hand held device Single Channel
  • 2 to 50 Hz bi-phasic pulse output
  • 0 to 20mA stimulation output
  • Battery operated unit
  • Best relief in all pain due to nerve disorders like migraine head ache, low back
  • pain, head ache and diabetic neuropathy pain


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