Vibrometer with Doppler - VibroDop

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Biothesiometer with Doppler - VibroDop

Biothesiometer with Doppler - VibroDop

This device is a combination of a biothesiometer and Doppler. Hence, it has been given the name vibrodop. It helps in recording loss of ABI and VPT measurements. This too is integrated with computer software .


  • Combination of Biothesiometer (Vibrometer) and Doppler (L150R)
  • Doppler with 8 MHz Unidirectional probe
  • Arterial and venous examination of the extremities
  • Ankle Brachial index (ABI) study
  • Digital display to indicate the vibration voltage
  • Variable 0 to 50 Volts vibration strength
  • Designed for new small setup and large patient camps


  • Doppler Probe: 8MHz Unidirectional
  • Doppler Shift Frequency: 50Hz to 5KHz
  • Digital 0 to 50 Volts output indicator
  • Frequency: 120 Hz
  • Runs on Windows Xp, Windows 7 & Windows 8 Computer


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